Some Of The Many Uses of Generators In The UK

Generators have many uses, not the least of which is being able to produce electrical power in the case of a power outage. While we all tend to think that if we want light, we only have to press a switch, there can be times when we operate a switch and for one reason or another the light doesn’t come on.

For instance, on January 1st 1974 the three day week came into being. Electricity was largely produced from burning coal in those days, and the miners’ strike meant that electricity had to be rationed in order to conserve coal stocks. Businesses were only allowed to open for three days a week to reduce energy consumption. Those that needed to continue to use electricity – whether open or not - had to rely on generators in order to operate.

Many manufacturing companies, and others, rely on electrical power and cannot afford to risk power outages which could cost them a lot in lost orders, and so they will have a generator or two that kicks in if the power goes down.

As one might imagine, building sites are often in a situation where they have no power available, and therefore have to rely on generators in order to power table saws, drills, grinders, and other power tools that are necessary in order to carry out the work. Generators are often used in farming where it is necessary to run irrigation systems in fields far from an electric power cable, along with other things such as barn heaters to keep cattle from freezing, and chicken barn heaters to keep the production of eggs flowing.

Other situations where generators are used routinely are fairgrounds in the summer, which may run in a field or park for just a weekend, but nonetheless require electrical power for music, lights, ice cream stalls, rides, bouncy castles, and more.

If you are looking for generators, at Blades Power Generation we supply them new, but you can also buy used generators in the UK through us as well. We always have used generators in stock which we buy in and refurbish, and which have the obvious benefit of being less expensive than brand new. Indeed, if you want a generator simply for backup for your home or business, you would do well to buy used generators in the UK as opposed to investing in a new one.

Automatic Transfer Switches: Purpose And Function

Much as our electricity suppliers do their best to keep power available on a continuous basis, there are, nonetheless, occasions when the power fails. This can be for one of many different reasons, but when it happens to you it can be anything from a bit of a nuisance to an outright disaster. It rather depends upon your situation.

For instance, if you were watching a programme on TV, it may be annoying, but it is hardly going to be life-changing. However, if you were a surgeon in the middle of a tricky operation when that same power outage occurred and all the lights went out, that can be extremely dangerous for the patient.

Furthermore, power outages can occur for a few minutes or may continue for many days. For example, after the Great Storm of 1987 many people were without power for up to two weeks as engineers worked to get power lines back up and working again. This is why some sort of backup is vital in many situations, and for many people, the answer is a generator. At Blades Power Generation, we supply both new and used generators.

Since one doesn’t want to have run outside to the generator in order to start it up, the answer is what is known as an automatic transfer switch, or ATS as it is known. Power backup is often by a generator but can also be a second mains supply. In the latter case, the primary power supply into a building is backed up by a secondary supply and the ATS changes over to that instead of a generator.

If using a generator for the secondary supply, it is essential to check it and give it a test run on a regular basis so that one can be confident that it will perform as required if there is an outage.

Of course, there are many situations where power is required other than simply inside a home or other building. For instance, if there is an outage in an area, all of the streetlights and traffic lights would go out. This means that traffic slows to a crawl at crossroads, car accidents increase, and emergency services cannot get to where they need to be. An automatic transfer switch overcomes these issues.

Of course, there is another issue, and that is that the power can be restored at any moment. When this happens, it can be dangerous, as there would be a power overload and this can cause wiring and appliances to burn. However, the ATS works both ways, so that as soon as power is restored it switches back again and allows the generator, if one is being used, to rest.

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Invest in Backup Power Systems


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The change over switch landed in sierra leone on tuesday onboard Brussels Air via currier. It has been delivered to. Component received in good order, well threaded with plastic. dimension and weight perfect. It is to be install any time, will definitely mail you upon installation. Thanks for you patient and prompt response that was given  us during this event. We hope and pray for more business in the not distance future.



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Inverter Changeover Panel

The Blades Power Inverter Changeover Panel -  With this Panel we would use a set of 20 Amp 3 Pole Changeover Contactors and a d/c Inverter.  This can be altered to your requirements.

We have the option for a BATTERY CHARGER - By plugging into the Mains, this will allow the  panel to trickle charge your Batterys back to Full Power.

This product can be used for any 12Volt d/c requirement.

Please contact as here at Blades Power, we are able to manufacture  this product in Different sizes based on your requirement.

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Happy New Year



Some would say Good Riddance to the year 2016, but in all fairness I didnt find it that bad.  Everyone near to me is still near and we even have a new addition on the way to increase the Blades Power fold; so in all 2016 for me was so much better than some previous years.  Im glad to say that we didnt have a Powercut over Christmas, some families however were not so lucky. 

It was thought that around 1300 Homes were thought to be affected on the Christmas Morning in Horsford.

369 Homes were hit in the Catterick Garrison and Residents from Baden Powell, leadmill, Allenby Est and Scotton reported losing their supply just before 1pm.  New Years Day didnt excape the Odd Powercut here and there.  We even had some local Powercuts in Stroud and Tewkesbury over the festive Holiday.

Powercuts at the start of 2017 have been steady, with a few Blast from underground cables..... Cable Fires Ive noted are on the rise...maybe its due to surges along them; reports on how they started unless it was due to an animal chewing etc dont become public knowledge.  

Mind you I found a New one for me on the Net

"Shock as UFO Suddenly Shot over Peoples Houses and caused a Powercut" 

No one seems to notice the powercut unless it happens to them.  Some areas are experiencing more outages than others and a few reports surface based on peoples fierce reaction to being left in the cold and Dark.

The Weather plays a massive contributing fact to Powercuts.  The UK seems to have endured quite a few of late and by looking at the MET Office and the amount of warnings going out we may be getting hit by some of those arctic blasts that have hit parts of Europe and snow that is 6ft deep and more.

My advice - Get yourself prepared!  Stock up on candles, stock up on food and essentials and get ready to hunker in for a few days.  Invest in Generators, Torches and some BBQs in Boxes.

You dont have to believe anything I say, thats freedom of choice; However whilst you still have power check the internet, check out the Electric suppliers who are all promoting new adverts on what to do in a Powercut, or how vulnerable people can get aid quickly during a powercut.

Check out the reports...many of which state there is NO Power issues and then the massive amount that say we are heading for another Blackout Britain.

Check out the amount of Emergency Preparedness sites that are popping up - The New 105 Number to call if you have a Powercut.  This isnt a conspiracy its facts and worryingly not that many people are awake enough to see the signs or read the information being put out there.  They are gearing themselves up building an infrastructure so its in place before something big happens.


At Blades Power we offer a wide range of Switchgear, Transfer Switches and Generators to cover your needs.

We can amalgamate our equipment to work with Wind Power, Water Power and Solar Power.  Our Specialized equipment comes in Manual or Automatic functions and cover a wide offer of usage.

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Generator Engine Control Panels



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An Automatic Mains Failure 7220 Panel



An Essential component of the Generator is the Alternator, which converts the energy that is produced by the Engine into Electricity.


Blades Power supplies a wide range of High Quality Alternator Mounted Engine Control Panels; follow the link above.


Blades Power Products include


Deep Sea - 3110 Auto Start (Load Sensing)

Key Start

Remote Start

Automatic Mains Failure - 7220 (Pictured above) and Module


Dont Panic if you are unsure which one to choose; We have a friendly team to answer any questions and provide you the information to be able to make the right choice based on your requirement.


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Deep Sea Automatic Mains Failure 7220 Generator Control Panel

Sometimes it gets confusing if you are not aware of terminlogy used by the industry.  Thats why we have friendly staff to help you - Call +44 (0)1453 799655

The AMF Generator Control Panel is used where the mains supply is backed up by a rated sized Generating set.  The AMF Panel monitors the mains supply and if this should fail or fall outside the preset limits (This can be configured via a laptop).  The AMF Panel will control the pre-heating, Fuel Solenoid and starting of the generator.

The AMF Panel will Control the switching of the load from the Mains supply to the generator, whilst the generator is running the AMF Panel will monitor vital Engine and Alternator parameters safely stopping the generator should a fault condition occur.


Oil Pressure

Over / Under Voltage

Over / Under Speed


Low Coolant Level Shutdown

Low Fuel Level Shutdown

Audible Alarm Indication (Siren)

Visual Alarm Indication (Beacon)


On return of the local supply the AMF Panel will monitor the Supply to ensure it is stable, then transfer the Load from the Generator back to the Mains supply.

The AMF Panel will run the generator on for a pre-determined time to allow for any cool down periods required for the Generating Set.

Once this time has elapsed the AMF Panel will control the Stopping of the Generator.

The Engine Control Panel module requires a DCc supply to function.  This can be fed from the generator starting battery - alternative Dc power supplies available.




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